Create SEO Compatible Content To Earn XLM!

Hello, we need a foreign promotional content created by you, our valuable followers.
With these white papers, you can win up to 3-15 XLM awards.

1. The conditions are very simple, as a priority, the article must be written completely uniquely by you.
2. The article written consists of a minimum of 300 words.
3. Please pay attention to these terms as a priority. Your content should promote the XLMWin site and describe it nicely.

4. Content must be entirely in English.
These 3 keys should be included in the introductory article you will share.

xlm claim“, “free stellar“, “stellar faucet


<a href="">stellar faucet</a>
You need to use these 3 keywords in a sentence and give backlink to these keywords.

If the article sentence you will share the HTML code with is “stellar faucet”, it will give our reference link to this keyword. If you wish, you can write your reference address instead ““, maybe you can earn more this way!

INFO: Articles will be accepted only in English, articles written in different languages will not be considered.

The terms of our SEO Compatible article sharing campaign are just that!

If you have access to areas such as any platform (medium, blogger, forum sites), do not miss this opportunity

INFO: The more SEO-compliant and quality published promotion, the higher-value XLM earns.

After applying the terms of the campaign, please include the link of the address you shared and the e-mail address of your registered account on send with mail;
Email [email protected]

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