What is xWinner(XWNR) Token?

what is xwnr

What is xWinner(XWNR) Token?

xWinner(XWNR), It aims to create open source, including Stake & Faucet and game platforms created with the Smart Contract feature, and is also taking steps towards becoming an integrated trade / clearing tool with shopping sites.

What Can I Earn With XWNR?

After the XWNR price is regularly compared to the XWNR / XLM and XLM / XWNR swaps every month, the price will be changed to include the advertising revenues. Both the prices will rise steadily and you will have more savings with your Stake earnings and you can easily convert to an XLM pair and other pairs. Monthly increases will end after the stock market is opened.

How to Earn XWNR?

xWinner (XWNR), there are many ways to earn, first of all, you can earn from pools regularly, and you can also exchange XLM and XWNR by performing other tasks on the site.

How Buy XWNR or Sell?

For XWNR trading, you can currently use the ‘Converter’ that only trades at market values on the XLMWin site. We would like to state that we will be listed on stock exchanges as soon as possible.

Earning XWNR by Staking
You can easily earn XWNR Tokens by holding XLM or XWNR in your account. Those who have XWNR in their accounts can receive regular daily Stake income, you can learn the details on XLMWin site.

Why Should I Have xWinner (XWNR)?

xWinner(XWNR) It is not only a Token, it is also a big step towards making our lives easier. XWNR will implement many applications and innovative platforms in the next few years, our priority is to earn more of our users who support us, and we are still working on this path. We are working hard to be listed in multiple exchanges. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to make your XWNR Tokens you accumulate or purchase more valuable and life-changing in the future.

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